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A True Story...

From the 19th Century...

Found in a Recently Discovered Diary





The Haunting on East 27th relates the true story of an investigation into a house haunting in New York City in 1862. William Channing Russel, a prominent lawyer in the city, investigated the strange affair at a private home just off Fourth Avenue. Russel documented every aspect of his inquiry by hand in a leather-bound journal that has survived all these years.  In his manuscript, he recorded every interview he undertook and the details of every seance in which he participated.


Attempting to communicate with the afterlife was a popular activity in the 19th century and attracted numerous participants. The spiritualism movement had swept across the country and gifted mediums and charlatans abounded. William Russel sought to learn truth amidst much bewilderment.


Over the past 150 years, Mr. Russelís journal meandered into the hands of several unknown owners before it made its way onto the shelves of historical writer and antiquarian bookman Michael C. Dooling.  He faithfully transcribed the journal and researched Russelís life, herein presenting the entire investigation and a brief biographical sketch of Russel. Believer or non-believer, the reader will find these events an intriguing read and hopefully will take away some personal nugget of insight.


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