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Milford Lost & Found re-discovers events that have been either lost in the dustbin of history or simply forgotten with the passage of generations and time.  Some are historic, others just plain fun.  All deserve to be remembered.

  Why were plays, novels, and romances banned from a Milford library?

  How did Milford receive the nickname Sleepy Hollow?

  What role did Welchs Point play in the history of camping?

  Why was the beach at Smiths Point once transformed into a desert, complete with camels?

  How did a constable cause a stir with fans before the "The Game" in 1906?

  Why did boys from the Milford School parade downtown in their pajamas?

  Who was Laura of Lauralton Hall fame?

  When did Milford pass a modesty law requiring women to cover up on their way to and from the beach?

  What amusement sensation made its state debut here in 1939?

  Who founded the First Offender Club to help keep kids out of trouble?

  How did Milford become the front line in the battle over the morning shave?

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