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Seaworthy Timber

In 1854, a young man named Aaron H. Wood from Swansea, Massachusetts left the comfort of his family and farm and embarked on a lifetime journey.  With William R. Gardner as master of the new clipper ship Monarch of the Sea, Aaron’s maiden voyage brought him to the Black Sea at the height of the Crimean War. In his handwritten journal Aaron described life aboard ship, the Crimean battlefields, and a naval assault that used shell guns and iron-sided vessels for the first time.

Over the next thirty years, Aaron sailed from one port to the next, eventually becoming master of his own sailing ships. As the ship’s captain, he was accompanied by his wife Isabel and they raised their family at sea. Their son Oscar sailed around Cape Horn fourteen times by the time he was eight years old. Isabel’s letters describe in great detail what it was like living for months at a time aboard an international merchant vessel.

The years that Aaron Wood spent traversing the world’s oceans coincided with the decline of the sailing ship. His career began during the clipper ship era and ended as steam dominated the oceans. Aaron’s story represents an entire breed of men whose livelihood died as the age of sail blended into the darkness.

Michael is a museum archivist and former news librarian. He has researched the life of Aaron Wood since 1989, when he acquired Aaron’s journal from his first voyage on the Monarch of the Sea. He draws from the collections of Mystic Seaport for letters from Aaron's wife Isabel, the collection of Swansea Historical Society, and many other historical institutions. Michael has written two articles based on his research for The Log of Mystic Seaport and Naval History and has authored dozens of historical articles and five books.

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